Only disruptive startups will survive.

Trump won the election because his marketing was a disruptive one. Nowadays people trend to like change, they want new stuff, they are fed up with the system and how things are going.

Remember in the 2000s when we were all about globalization this globalization that. Well it took 16 years for people to realize that globalization is bullshit. Nobody wants to live in a world without boarders, without 200 and so different languages, without a national identity and this applies in the tech world too…

For example when you open snapchat to login you see “Made in Los Angeles”. Apple is designed in California. This sort of things make you love the products even more. But it’s not only about that, and if you are not challenging every so startup that is out there; well to make it all clear if you’re not challenging every company that is out there you don’t stand a chance.

You need 3 factors to do this:

  1. Make something unique even though it doesn’t make any sense doing it. Keep in mind, the first part of the sentence sounds cliché but when you put it together with the second one… well you figure it out.
  2. Be proud from where you are, not just your country but even your city. Hang on a big poster “Made with love for you from X” on your product. You’ll see the advantages later.
  3. Remember that time is enough for every little or big thing that you make or do. Don’t make it a barrier, by doing stuff that are in demo, mvp or beta. You need a finished and polished product or service to become a successful company. You can’t disrupt if you’re always in development. Fuck that. Every thing is in fucking beta nowadays? Don’t to that shit!

So if you’re planning to rule the world and end some tech monopolies out there (don’t want to name them) I live you with 4 words:

Create what you are!