Life — from one screen to another

First of all (no seconds), let’s start by defining what is a screen; so a screen is a flat panel or area on an electronic device such as a television, computer, or smartphone, on which images and data are displayed.

A screen although it displays images of something real, they are truly virtual; these images don’t exist; existing is something that’s done in the present, also the present doesn’t exist but that’s a whole other story. So to get to the first point we spend, says a study from 2014 an average of 7.4 hours looking at screens, including TV, Computer, and Phone… PFFFF, to break it down, if your work has something to do with a computer you spend 8 hours a day just on that, oh so you take breaks to do what, check Facebook on your phone, now that’s great. To continue, you go home, let’s say you take the subway for 30 minutes, that’s 30 minutes of Candy Crush (haha) + another 30 to get to work, so after that you go home you watch 2–3 episodes of your favorite show, Netflix and fuck my eyes even more for 2 hours. Now that’s a total of 11 hours a day of pixels blasting your eyes. And not to mention, 30–40 minutes with your phone before you sleep.

Is this the life we’re living? A life from one screen to another? 4K, 8K, fuck that, reality has a better resolution. And what about photos, everything is about taking photos you don’t care to take to impress people so you have more likes than other people you hate because they have more likes than you to begin with.

It’s all about the fake reality we created, not just fake news, but fake reality; you see a glimpse of under a second can amaze your Instagram friends for a couple of minutes, and while they see all of those photos of you and others, moral goes down from nothing truly, from something that lasts under a second, because after you’re done taking your selfie, you are the same miserable human being giving the Earth cancer from your stupidity and lack of fucking neurons; oh wait you’ve got them but don’t know how it all works, how to use, not abuse them. PS beware of people that don’t talk about ideas and talk about people and what other people did…

… Other people took a selfie and it makes you upset. Haha!

So, photos, videos, and text, things we see on a screen, should be fucking ART, because that’s what they were made for in the first fucking place, stop abusing my eyes and everybody else’s eyes with your hypocrisy, shitty stereotypes, and food photos.

Take a photo from the soul to the soul, take a video that emphases an idea, write something that is meaningful and if you got to this part, that means this was meaningful.