Instagram and Messenger will never be Snapchat.

We all know that Facebook is nonetheless a copycat. One by one, every feature of Snap has been incorporated into Instagram at first and Messenger second.

Why is that?

Why is Facebook so afraid of the biggest IPO getting app of the year?

Well, it has to do with ads. See how strong and good are Snap’s partners and ads? It is a new paradigm into advertising, a very clickable one. It’s way more entertaining that ads on fb and even video ads in YouTube. You can click on the ad and then simply remember where you were when you clicked it.

Snapchat is the best thing that happened to social media in 10 years.

Don’t fall into the commodity of using one app for all. If you know Google is splitting yet again Hangouts into 2 apps I think. This is because one app for all is one app for crap! You’ll simply forget why you’re using that app in the first place. And as we all know, Google has a huge lead when they launch something and then they fail and others succeed by implementing that idea.

Segmentation is the key of success for the next 3–4 years.

Invite your friends to Snapchat, it’s a special experience. Once you get over the UI/UX you’ll notice that it was and still is a game changer.

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Make Snap Great Again! ☺)))))))))