CUTE DOG ALERT ! Enough with the AI apocalypse

There is so much going around in the last years of AI and robotics development that many can consider a full AI/Robotic apocalypse imminent.

Boston Dynamics

There is no such thing, especially how the mainstream media presents it; like a SF movie, where robots will rise like an robot zombie attack. Because if we dig a little deeper and think about it, you can’t fully make an intelligent being, with the model being humans. Because, let’s say you somehow manage to copy every bit of information that a human brain holds, but it also holds the information and the need to breath, and to feel the heart beating. This is something that makes us alive, and something that is a building block for our human intelligence. Or you could just stimulate something instead?

Let’s think about, us, humans, with big brains and other animals. For example does a flea from your dog know you exist? Does it feel fear that you can kill it? Of course this is considering that intelligence makes us do bad things… in order to complete my supposition for the robotic zombie attack that will harm us. No way! This model is wrong.

The real one, if we develop or something else develops an AI, capable of being smarter than us we wont even realize it. We’re just like those fleas on your dog. And for a brief moment we are the masters of the universe, just a moment.

Can this cute dog do something like that? :D