Businesses that need fixing everyday, FAIL.

There are two kind of businesses nowadays: sandcastle and brick castle.

Let’s start with the brick castle businesses; the ones that harness the force of every stone that it is put into them. Every big stone is settled in place and it’s there to stay. We’re not talking about making a foundation, we’re talking about how to reach the top.

Every big block means a milestone, that milestone needs to have three factors put into it:

  1. Thought — it may sound as a stereotype but, this should really be seen as a reference for the next month. Work in long sprints and assume every “thoughts” that are put into that building block, because it should not crumble, fall or dissappear. What you’re putting there is there to stay so you can put another block on those shoulders.
  2. Imagination — so let’s look at these pieces of puzzles sideways, they seem flat in a specific perspective; so you have to imagine where you have to put your next block; you have to put it blindly, so that it can fit and it can also see the future. Work with immense passion and eliberate your mind from influencing thoughts. Make your months work into 3 months income, not revenue, income.
  3. Curiosity — develop your building blocks so that you make yourself and clients curious where will you be in 6 months with just one little building block put into place. Curiosity is a key factor in creating a powerful and positive work flow. This thinking makes you wonder on how far will you be able to keep pushing forward until you eventually need to consolidate a roof on your castle.

Now let’s talk about the sandcastle business. It’s simple: you put little grains the wave comes ultil it will be washed out. Brutal or not, this does not need more expleaning, and if you’re seeing yourself in this position, you know that if you put a stone there it will get washed away, but in years and years to come.

I guess what I am trying to say is that, you have to know when to quit, you have to know how to start and when; but sometimes you just have to be the first stone.