Beme has grown with Caseys Neistat’s vlog; the vlog ended and so did Beme.

There are a lot of nice things to say about Casey, he loves working, he loves his family and of course only if you have been living under a rock for the past 2 years he really loves making movies.

Last week we were a bit surprised that he ended his vlogs; well some of us were, but I personally felt the end, the enthusiasm wasn’t there anymore; and now Beme has ended with CNN buying the app just one week later after the final episode of one of the most awesome and popular vlogs of all time.

I told Baisan Marius when Beme launched that it was going to be kinda huge, but I never thought that it was going to be this way. BTW Baisan Marius is the CTO of @yuburn.

So it seems that although Adsense will still generate a lot of revenue for Casey in the next 6 months let’s say, with true fans watching the vlog all over again.

Neistat and chill, anyone?

The biggest revenue is generated by selling Beme to CNN, it should be very interesting what will CNN will do with the app, maybe some citizen journalism, will it be a revamped almost live Periscope?

Let’s hope not!

I see Beme as a gonzo Snapchat with a few elements of Vine into it. And it’s the best time for CNN to aquiere such an app; now that Vine is almost gone. Well see how they’ll use it. I bet it will be something as commenting, debating and posting opinions on news.

Like the Beme powered Exit Poll app.

And now it seems that Casey Neistat will pursue his true dream of movie making, and taking YouTube videos to a whole new level!

Good luck Casey Neistat !

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